Why does Vegan matter?

Our Well-Being

Our food choices play a significant role in our own health and well-being.

The Environment

Our food choices effect our world, the environment and global warming.

Animal Well-Being

Our food choices reflect our philosophy and attitudes towards animals.

Social Justice

Our food choices impact our relationships with each other and the possibility of world peace.

Why "Vegan Matters"?

All Matters Vegan

My intent is to share information about all things/issues/matters related to being vegan.

Being Vegan Matters

Being vegan matters to our health, our earth, other beings and our social structure.  


Vegan's Life Matters

Vegan is just one of the approximately 100 million cows in the United States. Vegan’s life Matters.

Vegan is the name of the first rescued cow I met at Indiana’s first farmed animal sanctuary – Upland’s PEAK.

3 months with a Vegan Living Coach

I’m excited to encourage & explore the impact our food choices have on our individual lives, our families and our communities. I bring my own life choices and experiences, along with a curiosity to invite discussion, education and coaching. I am delighted to be able to share what I’ve learned over the years that has directly impacted my own health, happiness and personal success.

Let's chat...

It all begins with a conversation. Why does vegan matter to you?